Wool Dryer Balls | 6 Pack Jumbo Size
Wool Dryer Balls | 6 Pack Jumbo Size

Wool Dryer Balls | 6 Pack Jumbo Size

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Goldrick’s Jumbo dryer balls are the best eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets or plastic balls, since they are 100% natural, they don't release any chemicals during the drying process. With them you will decrease your drying time by up to 30%, prevent static electricity and you won't even need fabric softener to keep your clothes nice and fluffy.

This set of six felt wool dryer balls are 100% handmade with pure New Zealand wool and are completely unscented. They speed up drying by tossing the clothes around in the dryer, absorbing moisture, spreading the heat, and preventing static electricity.

All you need to do is toss them in the dryer with your laundry.

Fair Trade Product: Handmade by Nepalese women artisans from underprivileged communities striving a better future for them and their family and naturally sun-dried. Every purchase improves the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income.

Care and storage instructions: You can store your dryer balls in the dryer between cycles, or return them to the nifty bag they come in.

Once in a while, just pop them in the washer with a bit of laundry detergent, in a hot, gentle cycle, and then dry them in the dryer, and you're good to go. These lovelies will last you many years and, unlike dryer sheets, don't require constant substitution.

Our Personal Favourite: If you miss the lovely fragrance you had when using dryer sheets, here's a much healthier and better alternative: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to each of the dryer balls. Give them time to absorb the oil over night and they'll be ready for the next load! You'll notice a subtle, non-toxic fragrance in your clean, soft laundry.


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