Goldrick is a slow living collection of natural, ethical and mindfully designed home and lifestyle products.

Sustainability is core at everything we do, creating natural living environments and making a life alongside nature to support and celebrate our wonderful planet.

Every product carries their own story, they have marks of their makers and characteristics of the material used. We collaborate with independent makers from around the world to create beautiful and timeless pieces. 

Our products are timeless, are made to last and to be cared for, so that they become treasured pieces in your home for many years to come.


My Story

I am passionate about simplifying, slowing down and the art of making and creating products for a natural home. I started out with Goldrick of a desire to fill the gaps in my own home.

I was born in St.Albans, England and raised in both Germany and England, and I am currently residing in a small village on the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland with my husband and daughter.  

I founded Goldrick in 2018 when living in Battersea, London. We had a tiny flat on the 5th floor and it was quickly filling up with boxes and products as my business grew. I dreamed of living in the countryside, being close to nature and running my own business. This is when we decided to pack up everything and move to a peaceful place called Kinsale. We are very close to the Atlantic ocean, the coast and it's wildlife inspires me everyday. 

The focus of my collections will always be timeless, simple and sustainable. Products that celebrate the maker, natural materials and that allow us to slow down - always made ethically and sustainably.

I believe that conscious living leads to a more authentic, beautiful and rewarding life. I hope that my brand inspires people to see the beauty and purpose in nature and the everyday living. 

Our Process

Sustainability & Ethical Practices 


Our mindful approach means that every aspect of production is considered. The origin of our materials, the manufacturing process, the trims, labels and the packaging that we use, are all carefully chosen.

We make intentional choices as we reduce waste and find better practices that help make a positive ecological impact.

By creating timeless and made to last products, we hope that they will be loved for many years.  


Ethical Practices

We are a slow living brand. We believe that by slowing down production times, designing thoughtful, small batch collections, and creating long lasting relationships with our makers, that we can help make a positive impact and play a small role in changing the consumer industry for the better.

Our woolen products are handcrafted in Nepal by an ethical and fair trade company. They employ skilled artisan groups which empower women to generate income and economic independence while working from or near home.

Our UK-made linen collection is hand made by a talented seamstress in the Peak District.

We have two types of beeswax candles, our marble candles are created by mixing and kneading different coloured beeswax by hand. For this range we work together with a recognised workshop in Germany. The workshop integrates people with disabilities and aims to enable them to participate in normal working life. They become real craftsmen, who are proud of their products they make and the independence they earn. Every candle purchased from this collection supports the inspiring people who crafted these candles. 

Our tealights and occasion candles are made by independent beekeepers and makers, they have their own beehives and keep the tradition of beekeeping alive.

Our brushes are ethically handcrafted in a small family owned brushworks in the Black Forest of Germany. Established over 140 years ago they are one of the last remaining artisanal brush house factories in Germany. Using natural, sustainable and ethically sourced materials they combine artisanal craft with beautiful design and perfect functionality. 


Eileen  - Founder of Goldrick 

‘I found the poems in the fields,
And only wrote them down.’  John Clare