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Marbled Beeswax Votive

Marbled Beeswax Votive

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Our elegant marble votive candle is hand kneaded with pure beeswax. It gives off a subtle fragrance and gorgeous orange glow. Beeswax candles also cleanse the air when they burn and are helpful for allergies. As the wax is pure and clean straight from the beehive, these candles contain no toxins. 
  • Ingredients: 100% pure beeswax & cotton wick
  • Burn Time: 6 hours per candle
  • Size: W 40mm x  H 55mm approximately
  • Packaged in a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Gift Bag

Our candles make perfect additions to many of the small places around your home or for events such as weddings, parties and many more special occasions.

“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don't they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.” Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

Beeswax is the only known wax that can release negative ions that attach themselves to the toxins in our air. Purifying and leaving the air around us cleaner which is great for people with allergies, chemical sensitivities and asthma.