Our Products

All our candles and wax melts are handmade using the finest materials, which includes certified beeswax and natural essential oils. We support local beekeepers to establish healthy hives that can produce healthy honeybees with the hope to keep the craft of beekeeping alive. 

We have a strong social conscience and believe that companies are in a unique position to not only be able to create great products, but make change while they are doing it. Hence we launched a collection of products that are made at a workshop, which integrates people with disabilities and aims to enable them to participate in normal working life. They become real craftsmen, who are proud of their products they make and the independence they earn. Every candle purchased from this collection fully supports the inspiring people who crafted our candles. When you purchase this collection, you’ll feel good knowing you are opening a world of opportunity for those who put their hearts and souls into each product.