About Us & Contact

Hello, my name is Eileen and I am the founder of Natural Living by Goldrick. I started this company with the ambition to create natural living environments making a life alongside nature to support and celebrate our beautiful planet. We are conscious of how our products and packaging interact with the environment. We like our packaging to be reused, recycled or composted at the end of their lives and aim to have 100% of our packaging easily recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. We love bees and are fascinated by their amazing work and behaviour. We believe deeply in social responsibility and caring for the environment. 

A little word or two about myself!

I am inspired by the beautiful organised chaos of nature, all the flawless rhythms woven into the messiness of our lives. I am inspired by the little moments that make up our stories. The feeling of the sun and the sound of the rain. Slow mornings, a good cup of tea, collecting my favourite flowers at the market. The wallpaper at my gradmothers house. Long walks in nature shared with a dear friend. I believe in the goodness in every person, and relationships are one of lives precious gifts. I believe in the beauty of art and of slowing down, and not being afraid of the quite things. 

Thank you so much for enjoying our products.  I hope that we continue to make worthy products for years to come!

Eileen Anderson